Remodeling your home to make it more attractive to buyers starts with curb appeal. The yard is the first thing that potential buyers will look at when they come for a tour of a home on the real estate market. Make sure that your home has a well-maintained lawn with all shrubbery and trees kept in great shape.

A fresh coat of exterior paint is one of the most recommended home renovations to sell a home. Make sure the roofing and gutters are in excellent shape. Any oil stains on the driveway should be pressure washed to remove them.

The Living Room And Bedrooms

Fresh coats of paint with new lighting fixtures are among the top recommendations for renovations that add value to a home. Other essential things to renovate inside the house are repairing wall damage and any loose flooring in these areas.
Ceilings are a crucial cosmetic appearance throughout the house. Home renovations always start with making the least expensive improvements. Ensure ceilings in bedrooms and living room areas are free from stains associated with water damage from a past leaky roof problem.

Kitchen And Baths

Remodeling a kitchen or bath can become expensive. The most important things to renovate in a home involve both areas. Think about what needs to be replaced in these rooms for renovations that add the most value to a home. Replacing kitchen counter-tops adds appeal. Apply new paint on the walls and cabinets to increase the chances of selling the house.

New flooring is another option to consider when updating the kitchen. Replacing old lighting fixtures is another way to improve the overall appeal inside the kitchen. A built-in bar is another improvement that can help.

You don’t have to remodel everything inside the kitchen area to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Selling a home with old appliances already installed might be the only problem with the kitchen. Buyers like to see new appliances with today’s technology when they tour a home on the market.

The worst thing for people to renovate in a home when trying to sell is remodeling the entire kitchen. Homeowners can go overboard with remodeling costs on just the kitchen area alone.

Bathrooms are another area to think about when remodeling your house to sell on the real estate market. Buyers like to see a bath that is sparkling clean. You might consider replacing the flooring in the bath area. Fresh paint with new faucets might be all you need to make potential buyers happy.

Upgrading the lights and replacing towel racks can help give a bath more appeal. Mirrors on the walls in the bath are another plus when selling a home. Replace the tub or shower only if that is required. These are some of the least expensive recommended home renovations to sell a home.

You may realize the bath needs a major upgrade. It may mean spending money on a new tub, sink, and commode. Replacing old or outdated counter-tops in the bathroom can help increase appeal and chances of selling the house. These are renovations that add the most value to your home.

Worst Things For People To Renovate In A Home When Trying To Sell

  • You have to realize that remodeling can cost a fortune when upgrading to sell your house. Here are a few of the top things that homeowners waste money on when remodeling.
  • Purchasing new windows when the ones in the house are in good shape. A good cleaning and fresh paint might be your best option for saving the most money with windows.
  • Replacing kitchen cabinets with new ones. The cabinets inside the kitchen can be taken down to refinish. Remove, sand, and repaint them to spruce up the kitchen area. Replace the hardware on cabinets for extra appeal.
  • Remodeling closets. Enlarging closets are a serious expense to consider when adding value to a home to sell. Focus on adding an extra shelf to existing closets to save money.
  • Installing new flooring throughout the house. Why spend money on new floors when the carpets need professional shampooing?

Consider Remodeling Costs To Trim Expense

The wisest thing to do is learn where you may need to spend some money on remodeling or home renovations. Go through each room to write down what needs to be done to improve the area. Look at the rooms that will need to be updated to calculate costs to how much your remodeling budget allows.

Only spend money on the most important things to renovate in a home. You only need to remodel enough to improve appeal to make the house sell. Never overspend on remodeling if you don’t have to. Make sure to include contractor expenses within your remodeling budget. You can end up having more money tied up in the house than the property is valued at.

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