“Oh yes, that’s the Wilson house.” “No, let’s see, the Wilsons moved and then the Smiths bought it.” “Yeah, that’s right.”

“I just listed the old Johnson place in Lizella.”

“I just listed the Jones-White-Burch house downtown.”

“Sue just listed a house at 314 Buford Place.” “Oh, yeah, that’s the Bowden home.” “The Bowden Home?” “Yeah, but the people who live there are named the Johnsons.” “Oh really? Well ever since the Bowdens lived there it’s been the Bowden home to me.”

Yes, that’s just a sampling of some of the discussions about a house’s pedigree you will hear around our office. Who lived there and left their mark on the house? It can really be fascinating to hear the history of a house and how the pedigree lends to the overall ambiance of the property. And, just because the Johnson’s may live in a house does not necessarily mean the house is the Johnson house. I even find myself doing it–referring to a house as where someone I knew lived that has since moved away; the so and so house.

Sometimes this can be very frustrating, particularly for newer agents who don’t even know the Calhouns, much less where they lived and who they married. Finally, the new agent will say, “Just give me the address and the price.” As time goes on, you’ll hear that very same agent later refer to something they are working on as the “so and so” house and another user to the house pedigree is created.

Not only are real estate agents interested in house pedigrees, many times Purchasers will ask who has lived there and want to know some of the history of the house. Everyone who lives in a house for any amount of time will leave a little bit of their personality and history behind when they move. It might be something tangible like being married in the home or bringing home the first child. All of these events will give the house personality and charm.

The house pedigree is a wonderful thing. I guess Macon has gotten too big to do away with addresses and just use the pedigree, but progress is progress. And remember, while you are living in a house you are becoming part of the pedigree. Kinda makes you want to go rake the front yard, doesn’t it?