Have you ever gone looking for a particular item in your home, only to spend hours sifting through an endless collection?  We have all been there a time or two.  The reality is people often have more material items than they truly need.  As a result, there is not enough storage room in our homes to store everything, which can lead to disorganized clutter.

There is no shame if you can relate to having a cluttered or messy home.  After all, it is where you cook, play, relax, and everything in between.  However, several studies have found that clutter can negatively impact mental health, productivity, and stress levels.  An article from Utah State University states that decluttering can sharpen your focus and relieve anxiety.

The benefits of organization are more significant than just having a tidy house.  This post will discuss five tips for utilizing your storage space, organizing your home, and, most importantly, keeping it that way.

5 Tips for Organization & Storage

1.  One in, one out

The number one rule of living clutter-free is what we like to call one in, one out.  In other words, when you buy something new, try to get rid of something you already own (and no longer need).

For example, if you purchase a new piece of furniture, sell or donate the old one instead of storing it or moving it to a different room.  This also works for clothes, especially if your closet is too tightly packed.

Doing this will prevent you from collecting more and more stuff over time.  It will also force you to be more thoughtful and purposeful when you purchase something new rather than just buying on a whim.

2.   Categorize

Once you have a handle on the amount of stuff you own, it is time to start organizing.  It is essential to store things purposefully so that they are both convenient to access and easy to find.  Each storage location should be dedicated to a specific category.

For example, the closet in the hallway might be dedicated to supplies, such as cleaning products, batteries, and tools.  You can even separate each of the smaller categories by shelf.  Another example might be separating your clothes into items for warm and cold weather.  These could be in separate closets or on different hanging rods.

storage for kids toys

3.  Use storage containers

When you pack a bag or suitcase, what is one thing you always need more of?  Pockets!  This is because throwing several items into one large, open space makes it difficult to find what you want.  The same goes for closets, cabinets, and drawers in our homes.  Unfortunately, most of these do not come with compartments, so that they can be chaotic.

However, you can solve this with storage containers.  For example, you may already have a silverware tray that separates your knives, forks, and spoons.  You can find containers like this to organize your belongings and provide easier access to what you need.  Plenty of shapes and sizes fit your needs, from trays to bins, baskets, and more.

Pro tip: Instead of buying all new storage containers, try repurposing containers you already have around the house.

storage containers for the pantry

4.  Label, label, label

Chances are, once you organize all your belongings into storage containers, you will not remember the contents of each one.  Luckily, there is a solution for this, too: labels.

You do not need to label every container, especially if you can easily see what is inside.  However, labeling the bins in your pantry and supply closets can be extremely helpful since these often hold many different types of products.

Additionally, placing labels around the house will help other members of your family remember where to put things… which leads us to our next tip.

5.  Always put things back

Instead of setting things down wherever it is convenient, always put things back where they belong after using them.  This will prevent you from having piles of stuff to organize every few weeks, and you’ll always be able to find what you are looking for.  Plus, your home will stay uncluttered without any extra effort.

If other members of your household struggle with this, make sure they know where everything belongs by showing them your organization method.  Try not to get frustrated if things are not perfect.  After all, the organization’s purpose is to reduce clutter, make your storage space more functional, and improve your mental health.

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